Technical and Structural Approaches To Centralize Automotive E/E Architectures


A technical paper titled “Methodical Approach for Centralization Evaluation of Modern Automotive E/E Architectures” was published by researchers at University of Stuttgart and Daimler Truck AG.

“Centralization is considered as a key enabler to master the CPU-intensive features of the modern car. The development and architecture change towards the next generation car is influenced by ADAS, connectivity, infotainment and the consequential need for cyber-security. There is already a high number of papers describing future centralized E/E architectures and technical instruments for centralization. What is missing is a methodical approach to analyze an existing system and find its potential for centralization on the function level. This paper introduces an approach, which serves a system designer or engineer to abstract functions and thus enables to shape a more centralized system architecture. The commonly known E/E architecture designs and the named instruments of current research are the basis for this abstraction. Based on the approach, new system architecture proposals can be set up to discuss and outweigh advantages and disadvantages of those. The approach is validated by applying it step by step to the inlet’s derating function of a modern electric vehicle. A following discussion points out that many different factors affect the potential for centralization and centralization may not be the future of every function and system in general.”

Find the technical paper here. Published Sept 2022.

Citation: 2022 arXiv:2209.14118v1. Lucas Mauser, Stefan Wagner, Peter Ziegler.

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