The 3 Main Obstacles To Zero DPPM And How To Overcome Them

What is getting in the way of achieving Zero Defects?


As we all well know, there are multiple mission critical applications in today’s “Age of Smart,” that are calling for zero DPPM (defective parts per million) in semiconductors and electronic systems. In industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace, and more, where lives are at stake, defective parts are not an option. The quality imperative However, with the ever-growing complexity of technologies and supply chains, achieving zero DPPM seems more than ever to be an ambitious, unattainable goal. While improving test quality can decrease faults to a point, this alone will not move the needle.

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entropyfoe says:

Any knowledgeable engineer or quality professional that hears “zero defects” knows the speaker should be taken out and shot.

Zero can be a goal, but not a spec. Zero is not attainable in mass production. A low level of defects, yes, and we can talk what that level might be, relative to the system or component cost, but zero is not a real world thing.

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