The Best Platform When It Comes To PTP Accuracy

With this platform, the achievable PTP precision is limited by the architecture in use rather than the hardware. This shift allows developers to achieve the precision their application is looking for, while still using a standard hardware platform.


Synchronization is pervasive in most industry sectors, including finance, telecom, industrial, consumer, and aerospace and defense. All of these markets have several applications that rely on synchronization.

The first part of this white paper describes a few typical examples where synchronization enables applications that would not be possible otherwise. Synchronization can be achieved with very different technologies, each one with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The second part of this white paper briefly reviews commonly used synchronization technologies.

The third part of this white paper focuses on the quality of synchronization and how Xilinx enables designers and system architects to succeed in achieving design/system-level requirement targets in their specific applications. The hardware blocks offered natively in Xilinx FPGAs support high Precision Time Protocol (PTP) accuracy — well below 1ns —essential to implementing a solid synchronization strategy.

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