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The DNA of an Artificial Intelligence SoC

Brush up on your AI with this short article.


Over the past decade, a few advancements have made artificial intelligence (AI) one of the most exciting technologies of our lifetime. In 2012, Geoffrey Everest Hinton demonstrated his generalized back propagation neural network algorithm in the Imagenet challenge, which revolutionized the field of computer vision. However, the math was developed years prior to 2012, and it was the available microprocessors, like the Nvidia GTX 580 Graphics Processor Units, that enabled this milestone. These processors had relatively high bandwidth to memory capabilities and were very good at matrix multiplications, reducing the AI training time of this neural network model to about one week. This combination of mathematics and processing capability has recently set in motion a new generation of technology advancements with an entire new world of possibilities related to AI. This article outlines the new era of AI design and its diverse processing, memory, and connectivity needs.

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