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The Essential Signal Generator Guide Building A Solid Foundation In RF — Part 1

Part 1 of a two-part series on RF signal generators. Gain a sound understanding on the fundamental specifications of signal generators.


Eliminate uncertainties and doubts from your test results with a reliable signal source.

Engineers designing consumer wireless, military communications, or radar devices face an ongoing bandwidth crunch in spectrum filled with interference. An accurate signal generator offers precise and stable test signals for characterizing your device under test (DUT). It also lets you apply impairments to test your design within and beyond its limits. Getting to market faster with test results you can trust starts with selecting the right test instrument for the job.

Our two-part series will help you better understand how signal generators work and which key specifications are critical for your projects. Part 1 introduces you to the inner workings of the signal generator. It provides a deeper look at basic specifications such as power, accuracy, and speed. Part 2 covers more advanced features such as modulation, spectral purity, and distortion.

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