The Value of Runtime Knowledge Management

Capturing knowledge and experience helps improve production and process quality.


In clinical and commercial manufacturing when measures are taken to prevent deviations, the findings aren’t often shared across the enterprise and when corrective actions are taken to resolve an issue, they often don’t address the actual root cause(s). The Applied SmartFactory® Rx™ Knowledge Management solution allows knowledge captured in the R&D and design phases to be used throughout the manufacturing process. Capturing knowledge and experience helps improve production and reduce quality events, enabling facilities to improve process quality, reduce human errors, respond faster to events, and minimize operational delays.

The Same Thing—Over and Over
Insanity has been defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.” Whether it was Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, or Benjamin Franklin, the original author of this definition has been debated over the years. Regardless of who defined it first, the statement is self-evident, particularly in the context of business. Many companies fall victim to business insanity, or repeating the same mistakes in terms of deviations, failures, quality events, waste, and loss of valuable knowledge.

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