The Week In Review: Design

Mentor wins $36M patent infringement against Synopsys; appeal to follow; Synopsys rolls out new planning and coverage tool, new processor; Cadence debuts multi-protocol DDR4 IP; Arteris signs deals with Rambus, Sckipio.


Mentor Graphics won a $36 million award plus royalties stemming from a patent infringement case involving EVE (Emulation & Verification Engineering), an emulation company that was purchased by Synopsys in 2012. A U.S. District Court jury in the District of Oregon found that EVE had directly and indirectly infringed on a 2001 patent entitled “Method and apparatus for gate-level simulation of synthesized register transfer level designs with source-level debugging.” Synopsys, meanwhile, said it plans to appeal the decision.

Synopsys rolled out new planning and coverage capabilities for its debug tool, allowing users to analyze and cross-probe problems through coverage analysis. What’s new is better verification planning, including the integration of third-party and user metrics, and the ability to track project and test-level metrics from simulation to verification IP and FPGA-based prototyping.

Cadence uncorked multi-protocol DDR4 and LPDDR4 controller and PHY IP with performance of up to 3200 Mb/second. DDR4 ramp-up is just beginning in data centers and high-performance computing.

Synopsys unveiled a new 32-bit ARC processor that doubles performance for embedded Linux applications. The processor comes in 1-4 core configurations and is optimized for automotive and digital home applications running embedded Linux. Power consumption is less than 90 milliwatts.

Arteris won a deal with Rambus, which will use Arteris’ NoC IP technology in future design efforts. Arteris also won a deal with Israel’s Sckipio, which will use its NoC IP for its SoCs.

The International Test Conference will be held from Oct. 21-23 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

The IEEE Standards Association will hold its 2014 Ethernet and IP @ Automotive Technology Day on Oct. 23-24 in Detroit. (And yes, it is a two-day event.)

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