The Week In Review: IoT

DARPA boosts IoT security; Dell expands IoT program; IoT market to hit $3B in 2022.


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in August held the finals of its Cyber Grand Challenge, a competition that came down to seven teams in Las Vegas, with the three winning teams sharing cash prizes totaling $3.75 million. The capture-the-flag style contest let cybersecurity software counter various attacks on its own, without the aid of engineers and programmers. The Defense Department agency held a similar competition in 2005 to demonstrate the feasibility of autonomous vehicles. “We’re at that same moment with autonomous cyberdefense,” said DARPA’s Michael Walker, a program manager.

Mergers and Acquisitions
The stock price of NXP Semiconductors closed Thursday at $104.49 a share, up 3.5% for the day. There are reports that Qualcomm and NXP may make their merger announcement next week, with the purchase price to range between $110 and $120 a share. NXP reports its Q3 results on Oct. 26, while Qualcomm reports on Nov. 2.

Inmarsat and Vodafone will collaborate on Internet of Things technology using satellite communications and mobile phones. Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce said, “On a driverless car, or a truck or an oil rig, an ultra-fast reliable and low-cost network is paramount.”

Action Point, Datatrend Technologies, L&T Technology Services, Mobiliya, and other systems integrators have joined Dell’s Internet of Things Solutions Partner Program. More than 50 independent software vendors are involved in the Dell program.

First off, the IPSO Alliance is not a standards organization. The group works with the Open Connectivity Foundation, the Industrial Internet Consortium, and other Internet of Things standards organizations. The IPSO Alliance held an open house on Tuesday to discuss what it is up to these days. Christian Légaré, the alliance’s chairman and president, said its purpose is to offer models, guidelines, and best practices for the IoT, without creating industry standards. The meeting also heard from Chris Greer of NIST and Patrice Slupowski of Orange, and from the leaders of the alliance’s three working groups.

Bridget Karlin, managing director in the Internet of Things Strategy and Integrated Products Division of Intel, will give the keynote address on November 1 at Gabelli & Company’s 40th Annual Automotive Aftermarket Symposium in Las Vegas.

151 Advisors has agreed to merge with James Brehm & Associates, creating a consulting and market intelligence firm that will offer insights on cloud-based technologies, the IoT, machine-to-machine communications, mobility, security, and smart cities.

Market Research
Scalar Market Research, in a new report, estimates the Internet of Things market will grow from $1.470.8 billion this year to $2,995.2 billion in 2022, for a compound annual growth rate of 12.6%.

CEVA has licensed its RivieraWaves Sense Wi-Fi intellectual property to HMicro for use in HMicro’s WiPoint Wireless Technology platform for applications in health care and the industrial-grade IoT.

The Smart Home Summit will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Palo Alto, Calif., on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 1-2. The same company behind the two-day event is also putting on Internet of Things World on Nov. 21-22 at The Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland, and the Smart Cities Summit on Dec. 6-7 at the Courtyard Boston Downtown in Boston, Mass.

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