Towards Self-Driving Cars: MIPI D-PHY Enabling Advanced Automotive Applications

Why MIPI specifications provide the best balance between the high-speed, low-latency, and low power dissipation requirements for ADAS.


Because both viewing and sensing ADAS applications must handle imaging, sensing, high-speed serial communication, and downstream processing functions, Camera Video Processors (CVPs) are always located at the heart of these systems. As more cameras and sensors are added to the system to aid in increasingly complicated tasks, more integrated CVP solutions are required. Ideally, these CVPs should process data received from multiple high dynamic range sensors and drive high-resolution displays, automotive SerDes links, and computer vision processors with minimal power consumption and low latency. This is where the MIPI specifications come into play.

Mahmoud Banna, ASIC Manager, Mixel, Inc.
Julian Schiralli, Principal ASIC Designer, GEO Semiconductor

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