12 Important Considerations When Migrating to the Digital Pattern Instrument

A look at the considerations for migrating test programs.


The PXI Digital Pattern Instrument brings ATE-class digital to the PXI platform through features and programming that are familiar to semiconductor test engineers. Those features not only come through in the hardware of the instrument, they also appear in the NI-Digital Pattern Driver and Digital Pattern Editor. The digital pattern instrument represents an improved experience to previously existing NI PXI Digital Waveform Instruments, which use the NI-HSDIO device driver. PXI Digital Waveform Instruments do not have this familiar programming method for semiconductor test. For existing customers using PXI Digital Waveform Instruments, particularly the PXIe-6556 or PXIe-6555 (24 channels with per-pin PPMU), there are several considerations when migrating test programs to the PXIe-6570 digital pattern instrument.

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