August 2014

The Week In Review: Design

Partnerships With an aim to drive adoption of software testing in Japan, Coverity, a Synopsys company said it has tapped OGIS-RI, a Japan-based distributor of IT solutions to partner with Coverity's software testing platform and OGIS-RI's open source license and vulnerability management tool. Maxscend Technologies has joined CEVA’s CEVAnet partner program and will offer complete solutio... » read more

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Intel announced two new technologies for foundry customers. One technology, dubbed Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB), is available to 14nm foundry customers. Instead of an expensive silicon interposer with TSVs, a small silicon bridge chip is embedded in the package, enabling high density die-to-die connections only where needed. EMIB eliminates the need for TSVs and specialized int... » read more

Week 12: A New Path For The DAC Pavilion

Most early mornings, I take my two Miniature Schnauzers for a long walk in Portland’s Forest Park. For those of you new to Portland, our Forest Park is the largest urban forest in the United States, with more than 5,000 acres and 80 beautiful hiking trails and paths. It is wonderful way to start the day, with the blue sky framed by the deep green foliage. It’s still fairly quiet at 7:00 am,... » read more

How To Program A Quantum Computer

Quantum computers have captured the attention of the computer science world because they are faster than classical computers for some problems. Spend any time reading about quantum computing technology, and you’ll see that statement over and over again. But what does it actually mean, given that classical computing is a mature, highly optimized technology and quantum computers are in their in... » read more

Blog Review: Aug. 27

In the spirit of making a positive social contribution, and to recognize employees for their contributions to the local community, Applied Materials’ chairman Mike Splinter accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Nice job, Mike! With development work underway on the 10nm process node, and questions about getting there with conventional lithography, Cadence’s Richard Goering invites us to ... » read more

Tech Talk: Near Threshold Computing 2

ARM Fellow Rob Aitken walks through the details of near-threshold computing and why it's such an important consideration at established process nodes. [youtube vid=lvfu54_JwEg] » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Aug. 26

Making light work of snaps 'Superradiance', a phenomenon where a group of atoms charged up with energy act collectively to release a far more intense pulse of light than they would individually, is well-known to physicists. In theory the effect can be reversed to create a device that draws in light ultra-efficiently. This could be revolutionary for devices ranging from digital cameras to solar... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Aug. 26

Smokestack metrology The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has nearly completed the construction of one of the world's more unusual measurement systems. The organization is devising a 50-meter horizontal smokestack at its campus in Gaithersburg, Md. The new facility will accurately determine the amount of gases discharged from smokestacks at coal-fired power plants and o... » read more

System Bits: Aug. 26

Heart-on-a-chip Megan McCain, a USC Viterbi assistant professor in biomedical engineering is a self proclaimed cardiac tissue engineer. She is working to re-create the human heart on a chip. Not the kind of chip that leads to arterial plaque, of course, but the kind that perfectly re-creates the cardiac cells and mechanical forces of the human heart. A slice of glass, the size of a quarter, ti... » read more

Changing The IP Supplier Paradigm: Part 2

Semiconductor Engineering sat down with Rich Wawrzyniak, senior market analyst for ASIC and SoC at Semico Research; John Koeter, vice president of marketing for the Solutions Group at [getentity id="22035" e_name="Synopsys"]; Mike Gianfagna, vice president of marketing for [getentity id="22242" e_name="eSilicon"]; Peter McGuinness, director of technology marketing at [getentity id="22709" e_nam... » read more

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