EV Charging Cybersecurity Challenges (Sandia National Labs)


A technical paper titled “Review of Electric Vehicle Charger Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, Potential Impacts, and Defenses” was published by researchers at Sandia National Laboratories.

“Worldwide growth in electric vehicle use is prompting new installations of private and public electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). EVSE devices support the electrification of the transportation industry but also represent a linchpin for power systems and transportation infrastructures. Cybersecurity researchers have recently identified several vulnerabilities that exist in EVSE devices, communications to electric vehicles (EVs), and upstream services, such as EVSE vendor cloud services, third party systems, and grid operators. The potential impact of attacks on these systems stretches from localized, relatively minor effects to long-term national disruptions. Fortunately, there is a strong and expanding collection of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) cybersecurity best practices that may be applied to the EVSE environment to secure this equipment. In this paper, we survey publicly disclosed EVSE vulnerabilities, the impact of EV charger cyberattacks, and proposed security protections for EV charging technologies.”

Find the technical paper here. Published May 2022. Also, find Sandia Labs news release here.

Johnson, J.; Berg, T.; Anderson, B.; Wright, B. Review of Electric Vehicle Charger Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, Potential Impacts, and Defenses. Energies 2022, 15, 3931. https://doi.org/10.3390/en15113931.

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