A Summary Of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting For Autonomous Smart Structures

How a piezoelectric energy harvester is becoming a more viable option to power a wireless sensor network.


The technology of energy harvesting has great potential to enable energy autonomy of wireless sensors. The drop of power requirements of micro-electronic devices allows confidence that piezoelectric energy harvesting (PEH) is able to reliably power a wireless sensor network (WSN). The present work summarizes results of ongoing research in the field of PEH. With the aid of a performance metric a comparison between various devices is performed. A brief description of modeling a piezoelectric multilayer-beam as energy harvester is presented, followed by a concept of multi-objective optimization. This summary should give an idea of current state of the art and a rough guideline when designing a PEH.

Author(s): Grasböck, Lukas; Reininger, Alexander; Nader, Manfred; Humer, Alexander; Schagerl, Martin; Misol, Malte; Monner, Hans Peter; Herold, Sven; Mayer, Dirk

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