ACAP At The Edge With The Versal AI Edge Series

An ACAP designed for AI at the edge.


This white paper introduces the AI Edge series to the Versal ACAP portfolio, a domain-specific architecture (DSA) that meets the strenuous demands of systems implemented in the 7nm silicon process. This series is optimized to meet the performance-per-watt requirements of edge nodes at or near the analog-digital boundary. Here, immediate response to the physical world is highly valued, and in many market spaces is required. The AI Edge series enables the Versal ACAP footprint to spread exponentially from core networks and data centers to the edge. Along with heterogeneous compute efficiency, the hallmarks of the AI Edge series are:

  • Cacheless memory hierarchy (low latency and determinism)
  • Hardened yet programmable infrastructure (high throughput, low power)
  • Functional safety and security (trusted solutions enabled)
  • Flexibility and programmability (solution can be differentiated or upgraded during development or even after deployment)

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