Application For Non-Destructive Inspection

Using a photoacoustic microscope for non-destructive inspection.


IC chip internal measurement

We attempted to apply the Hadatomo Z photoacoustic microscope for non-destructive inspection. One of the features of the HadatomoTM Z is simultaneous measurement using photoacoustic imaging and ultrasound imaging. By using an ultrasonic sensor with cen- ter frequency of 60 MHz, high-resolution imaging is possible. Photoacoustic imaging is a method to receive and visualize thermoelastic waves (ultrasonic waves) generated from ma- terials absorbing specific wavelength laser light energy. By using this method for organism imaging, information inside the organism is obtained. For non-destructive inspection, laser light cannot reach inside of a measurement subject, so a method to visualize images using ultrasonic waves, generated on the surface of the substance, is used. Thermoelastic waves generated by laser light have different frequency characteristics and wavelength, compared to ultrasonic waves generated from the piezoelectric element of an ultrasonic sensor, so images not available in previous ultrasound imaging may be obtained.

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