Automotive Is Convergence

Why this sector is driving the confluence of so many technologies.


Given that there is still much to be done to enable self-driving cars, particularly since security is still a moving target, the name of the game going forward is convergence. That fact is not disputed. What is quite fascinating, however, is to witness the impact of technology applied, as well as watch as the industry grapples with the issues critical to mobility electronics implementation.

There is convergence of many small electronic components into larger electronic systems. There is convergence of communication within the vehicle. There is convergence of the thinking on that communication, and the approaches to design. There is convergence in all areas of automotive design, to make sure safety and security are up to par. Convergence happens in the software that now resides in the vehicle as its role will only increase over time. There is convergence required among every aspect of the automotive ecosystem – the OEMs and Tiered suppliers — given the intricate ‘system’ nature of vehicles.

And those are just a few areas where the semiconductor industry touches automotive, with the pace only set to ramp with advanced driver assistance features coming online, leading eventually to fully autonomous vehicles.

The automotive industry has come so far, but the future of driving is going to be an even better thrill ride.

To this end, I’m going to be attending another SAE automotive conference in Michigan later this month where the emphasis in on the practical application and implementation of future technologies, and technology in development in automotive electronics, personal mobility, and electronics integration.

Watch for our coverage of the conference then.

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