Blog Review: April 27

The future of neural networks; missing RTL; PCI-E bandwidth; computer vision advances; cheap solar; FD-SOI disruption.


In a video, Cadence’s Chris Rowan looks at the future of neural networks, particularly the shift from cloud-based to embedded devices and what we can increasingly expect from them.

Waiting for RTL? Mentor’s Rich Edelman suggests a way to get tests that are missing some simple RTL running with a bit of SystemVerilog.

Synopsys’ Richard Solomon provides a primer on calculating the bandwidth for different generations of PCI Express.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff takes a closer look at a computer vision system that goes beyond automated image captioning to build a narrative that describes what’s going on in a series of images.

Is solar power cheaper than coal? India thinks so, in this week’s top five tech picks from Ansys’ Bill Vandermark. Plus, detecting Parkinson’s disease with a blood test and shadow puppets to aliens.

GlobalFoundries presents a talk by VLSI Research’s Dan Hutcheson on the state of FD-SOI through a survey of key influencers and decision-makers.

In celebration of World IP Day, ARM’s Brian Fuller compares how early PCs stack up against today’s wearables.

NXP’s Birgit Ahlborn follows up on the successful European Truck Platooning Challenge, which sent six convoys of trucks linked to a leader vehicle on a journey to Rotterdam.

Altera’s Ron Wilson highlights the perils of misestimating a lithium-ion battery’s state of charge and the underlying issues.

In his latest podcast, Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi discusses the creation of a procurement language for software as an aid to securing supply chains.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan listens in on a talk by Dr. Andrew Kahng discussing the big trends driving power-performance-area-cost scaling and tradeoffs at 7nm and below.

Should your car watch you as you drive? If you want a semi-autonomous vehicle, the answer is probably yes, says Mentor’s John Day.

And if you missed last week’s Manufacturing, Design & Test newsletter, check out our featured blogs:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling examines automotive market realities and uncertainties, and what it all means to semiconductor design and manufacturing.

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus talks with Globalfoundries’ advanced tech guru about new processes and cost.

Mentor Graphics’ David Abercrombie and Alex Pearson dig into coloring and design changes at advanced nodes.

SEMI’s Lara Chamness analyzes the latest semiconductor equipment and materials market trends.

Coventor’s Stephen Breit argues that commoditization has led to a complete ecosystem for MEMS, lowering the entry barrier and creating new manufacturing and integration options.

Semico Research’s Rich Wawrzyniak points to a big issue that no one is addressing.

Samsung’s Kelvin Low looks at manufacturing changes and advanced technology updates.

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