Blog Review: Feb. 1

Low power trends; HPC reliability; embedded DisplayPort; vehicle display optimization.


Siemens EDA’s Harry Foster explores trends in low power design techniques for ICs and ASICs, with 72% of design projects reported actively managing power.

Synopsys’ Charlie Matar, Rita Horner, and Pawini Mahajan look at the concept of reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) in the context of high-performance computing SoC designs and how it can be supported with silicon lifecycle management technologies.

Cadence’s T. Fox shares some of the main features supported by the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) version 1.5 standard.

Ansys’ Gwenael Moysan notes that optimizing a vehicle display is about centering the end user and the way they perceive the world around them and points to several design areas that offer opportunities for improvement.

Renesas’ Uwe Schaefer examines Software-Defined Networking and why it is under serious consideration to be implemented into future vehicle E/E architectures to help to create vehicles that are flexible in configuration and improve the user experience.

SEMI’s Ashley Huang finds that cross-border transactions have accounted for more than 65% of semiconductor industry M&As worldwide in the past five years, with the United States and China two of the most active regions.

Arm’s Nicolas Devillard checks out how to enable secure firmware updates for devices using Matter smart home protocol.

Memory analyst Jim Handy looks back through memory history at CRAM, a little-known random-access memory from computer maker NCR.

Plus, check out the blogs featured in the latest Systems & Design newsletter:

Technology Editor Brian Bailey calls for using this year to consider efficiency of what we do, what we create, how we do it, and whether we could make positive changes.

Keysight’s TJ Cartwright looks at how to improve the spectral efficiency and the signal-to-noise ratio of wireless systems.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan describes hitting different power/performance/area points in the same process with variable numbers of fins.

Synopsys’ Madhumita Sanyal explains the high-speed interfaces for increasing Ethernet rates in hyperscale data centers.

Codasip’s Lauranne Choquin marvels at how quickly the RISC-V ecosystem is growing, from small embedded devices to data centers.

Renesas’ Sailesh Chittipeddi examines the shift from centralized, cloud-based architectures to distributed, edge-based designs.

Synopsys’ Manoj Chacko explains why instant feedback between ECO and DVD analysis is so important.

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