Blog Review: Jan. 13

Returning a Wonder; CES: security, highlights, and keynotes; making cars sexy again; CDC problems; NVMe VIP; energy harvesting ecosystem; embedded USB; new concerns for SoC developers; deposition & etch research.


Is it time for one of the Seven Wonders to return? In this week’s top engineering and tech picks, Ansys’ Justin Nescott highlights a project to rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes. Plus, new tech for cars and a hoodie for taking naps.

From CES, Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff expands on a talk about intelligent transportation systems and the need to balance technology which could help reduce accidents with the immediate security concerns and lack of clear specifications.

The proliferation of automotive electronics is making cars sexy again, says a podcast featured by ARM’s Brian Fuller, but more importantly automotive electronics is making the overall digital experience sexier.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan gives a rundown of CES with his most interesting market segments of the show. Plus, Samsung and Intel keynotes.

Mentor’s Joe Hupcey III takes a look at clock domain crossing problems in low power designs.

This week, Synopsys’ Eric Peterson moves on from NVMe commands to some VIP features that can assist in testing.

For when low power isn’t enough, Semico’s Tony Massimini discusses the ecosystem of semiconductor vendors emerging in the new market of energy harvesting.

Security and privacy were hot topics surrounding the myriad devices at CES. NXP’s Hillary Cain highlights security discussions focused particularly on IoT and autonomous driving.

Mentor’s Colin Walls begins a video series looking at USB for embedded software developers.

As systems-on-chips move into next-big-thing markets like autonomous vehicles or the IoT, SoC designers are facing new, foreign requirements, says Altera’s Ron Wilson, including how developers’ IP decisions are affecting the success of their customers.

Lam Research showcases recent peer-reviewed research from the company’s technologists, focusing on deposition, etch, and clean technologies.

If, during New Year festivities, you missed last week’s IoT & Security newsletter, check out our featured blogs:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling contends that having devices last longer isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Technology Editor Ernest Worthman digs into the scare of the month and finds this one particularly noteworthy because it was an inside job.

Mentor Graphics’ Brian Derrick looks at what’s beyond lithium ion batteries and why it’s necessary for the IoT.

Kilopass’ Charlie Cheng observes that only one kind of embedded NVM is process-scalable and high density.

Executive Editor Ann Steffora Mutschler points to the growing influence of automotive at CES.

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