Blog Review: Jan. 7

Turbocharged Dyson; 3D printing in space; 10nm surprise; UVM register model; IoT; 4K; smart grids and privacy; multi-core efficiency.


Ansys’ Justin Nescott has extracted the top 5 engineering technology articles for 2014. Check out the turbocharged Dyson hand vac and the suspended animation trials.

Mentor’s J. VanDomelen looks at on-demand additive manufacturing on the International Space Station, otherwise known as 3D modeling and printing. It’s a lot faster than waiting for a delivery.

Cadence’s Brian Fuller sits down with Jaswinder Ahuja to look at what’s ahead for design in 2015. The big surprise: 10nm.

Synopsys’ Vidyashankar Ramaswamy digs into the UVM register model and how to use it, including available APIs and peek(), poke () and predict() methods.

ARM’s David Maidment has a quick tutorial for how to develop application extensions for Sony’s SmartWatch 2. If you can write an application, you won’t have any problem navigating this tree.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff points to the growing roster of members in the Secure Content Storage Association, whose membership roster is now a who’s who of the electronics industry. 4K is coming on strong.

NXP’s Drue Freeman looks at the next generation of connected cars, including vehicle-to-vehicle communication and what that will mean for safety.

The White House’s Dipayan Ghosh and Eric Lightner highlight the need for consumer privacy while trumpeting the benefits of smart grids. This is potentially a huge problem, and one that will only grow more pronounced as hackers get more sophisticated.

Ansys’ Sudhir Sharma believes the IoT opportunity may be significantly larger than initial reports. Fasten your seatbelt.

ARM’s Tom Stevens looks at multicore processors and energy efficiency, and why these chips are becoming so popular in emerging markets.

Mentor’s John Day points to some productive company pair-ups for the automotive market as electronic signals reach far beyond where they used to go—and make cars far smarter than they used to be.

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