E/E Architecture Synthesis: Challenges and Technologies

ACADEMIC PAPER Abstract "In recent years, the electrical and/or electronic architecture of vehicles has been significantly evolving. The new generation of cars demands a considerable amount of computational power due to a large number of safety-critical applications and driver-assisted functionalities. Consequently, a high-performance computing unit is required to provide the demanded pow... » read more

Distributed Design Implementation

PV Srinivas, group director for R&D at Synopsys, talks about the impact of larger chips and increasing complexity on design productivity, why divide-and-conquer doesn’t work so well anymore, and how to reduce the number of blocks that need to be considered to achieve faster timing closure and quicker time to market. » read more

Blog Review: Jan. 7

Ansys' Justin Nescott has extracted the top 5 engineering technology articles for 2014. Check out the turbocharged Dyson hand vac and the suspended animation trials. Mentor's J. VanDomelen looks at on-demand additive manufacturing on the International Space Station, otherwise known as 3D modeling and printing. It's a lot faster than waiting for a delivery. Cadence's Brian Fuller sits dow... » read more