Bringing a Sharper World In Focus With Virtual UHD Verification

How to visualize and debug what’s happening in individual pixels.


UHD-4K designs require a verification solution that can handle longer, larger frames, faster frame rates, richer colors, wider contrasts, and highly complex chips. Emulation has the speed, capacity, and performance to churn very quickly through the massive amounts of data and long sequences required for verification. Visualization tools are needed to understand and debug what’s going on in UHD-4K designs.The Veloce VirtuaLAB MultiMedia Analyzer application allows engineers to graphically visualize and debug what’s happening in individual pixels. Further, the ROI for users of Veloce is enhanced by the fact that VirtuaLAB is already able to cope with the next-generation leap to UHD2-8K frames and even 10K. VirtuaLAB also meets similar needs for additional multimedia formats and products, including graphics display/monitors, and HDMI.

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