Complete Systems Modeling And Simulation For Complex Product Development

Overcoming computational restraints and software complications with integrated tools, standards and best practices.


As products in the marketplace incorporate more and more complexity, the product design process must keep pace to ensure safe, efficient and reliable integration of complicated systems, subsystems and components. Few products today involve a mere single physics; most encompass multidisciplinary behaviors and interactions (with subsequent, sometimes unpredictable, cause and effect). Though simulation tools are powerful, computational restraints limit the use of high-fidelity models for every step in the design process. Adding embedded software to control product behavior further complicates development. As a result, engineering teams need specific models, simulation tools and standards that work together seamlessly to enable robust and cost-effective product development. Best-practice processes help to reduce physical testing, as well as ensure that the results can be shared across global teams and efficiently applied to future product development.

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