Efinix Implements Effective EM/IR Analysis For Leading-Edge FPGA Designs With The MPower Platform

A fast, accurate, power integrity analysis from block to full-chip on a Titanium FPGA design.


Efinix turned to the Siemens mPower power integrity analysis platform to obtain the capabilities they needed for fast, accurate, full-chip EM/IR analysis of their Titanium FPGA designs. With no artificially enforced digital methodology, and a flat transistor analysis without elaborate views or modeling, the mPower platform analyzes custom layout and P&R IP in a single, seamless run. The mPower platform delivered full-chip static IR within 24 hours turnaround on existing servers equipped with 2TB of RAM, successfully analyzing several hundred million transistors where other solutions had previously been inadequate. Each iteration saved Efinix a week of manual analysis, and identified violations that manual inspection would have missed.

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