Efinix Implements Effective EM/IR Analysis For Leading-Edge FPGA Designs With The MPower Platform

Efinix turned to the Siemens mPower power integrity analysis platform to obtain the capabilities they needed for fast, accurate, full-chip EM/IR analysis of their Titanium FPGA designs. With no artificially enforced digital methodology, and a flat transistor analysis without elaborate views or modeling, the mPower platform analyzes custom layout and P&R IP in a single, seamless run. The mPo... » read more

Overcoming The Growing Challenge Of Dynamic IR-Drop

IR-drop has always been somewhat of an issue in chip design; voltage decreases as current travels along any path with any resistance. Ohm’s Law is likely the first thing that every electrical engineer learns. But the challenges related to IR-drop (sometimes called voltage drop) have increased considerably in recent years, especially the dynamic IR-drop in the power/ground grid as circuits swi... » read more