Embedded GPU for FPGA, Achieving Over 770 MHz Operating Frequency With Unconstrained Compile


A technical paper titled “eGPU: A 750 MHz Class Soft GPGPU for FPGA” was published by researchers at Intel Corporation and Imperial College London.


“This paper introduces the eGPU, a SIMT soft processor designed for FPGAs. Soft processors typically achieve modest operating frequencies, a fraction of the headline performance claimed by modern FPGA families, and obtain correspondingly modest performance results. We propose a GPGPU architecture structured specifically to take advantage of both the soft logic and embedded features of the FPGA. We also consider the physical location of the embedded memories and DSP Blocks relative to the location and number of soft logic elements in order to have a design with balanced resources. Our goal is to create a high performance soft processor able to implement complex portions of FPGA system designs, such as the linear solvers commonly used in wireless systems, through push-button compilation from software. The eGPU architecture is a streaming multiprocessor (SM) machine with 512 threads. Each SM contains 16 scalar processors (SP). Both IEEE754 FP32 and INT32 integer arithmetic are supported. We demonstrate a single SM eGPU in an Intel Agilex device, requiring 5600 ALMs and 24 DSP Blocks, which closes timing at over 770 MHz from a completely unconstrained compile. Multiple eGPUs can also be tightly packed together into a single Agilex FPGA logic region, with minimal speed penalty.”

Find the technical paper here. Published July 2023 (preprint).

Langhammer, Martin, and George Constantinides. “eGPU: A 750 MHz Class Soft GPGPU for FPGA.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.08378 (2023).

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