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EMC Pre-Compliance Fundamentals

Learn the basics of EMI Pre-Compliance. Conducting EMI tests of your own can help ensure that your device passes certification sooner.


Once you’ve designed your electronic product, it’s time to release it to market, right? Well, not exactly. As with any product development, you need to first test the device you’re designing to validate that
it behaves as expected. One such important test that all electronic devices must eventually pass
are EMI (electromagnetic interference) compliance tests. Passing EMI tests demonstrate that your device’s electromagnetic emissions are at an acceptable level, as defined by the respective regulatory body’s standard the device is being tested against.

EMI, or electromagnetic interference, falls under the umbrella term ‘EMC’ which stands for electromagnetic compatibility. When performing pre-compliance tests, you are concerned about testing for EMI which is the actual phenomena — or emissions — coming from your device.

However, acquiring certification for EMI compliance testing is rather expensive – and in the off chance that you don’t pass — you not only have to rework your design but this will also throw off your product development schedule and cost you a lot of money.

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