Ensure Functional Safety Using Siemens’ AUTOSAR Solutions

How to meet evolving FuSa requirements for next-gen vehicles.


As the prevalence of automated driving, electrification, and connected vehicle applications increases, the complexity of electrical and electronic (E/E) vehicle architecture is increasing, and vehicle safety requirements are becoming more demanding. Solution architects and engineers are looking for ways to manage it all. And they can, with the help of our comprehensive AUTOSAR solution that provides fast deployment, enhanced performance, virtual validation, cybersecurity, and functional safety.

Functional safety is at the top of automotive manufacturers’ list of priorities in every development phase, beginning with E/E system design. And from a software development standpoint, the most recent modification to safety and security standards pertains to:

Safety content: The requirement for more safety content, such as safety management and plan. Repetitions of “refined” work products have been removed.

New technologies: Changes related to the introduction of multicore, model-based development, and Agile methodologies.

Shift in focus: More focus has been placed on software architecture, software safety analysis, failure analysis, fault injection, and coupling factors.

Use AUTOSAR Methodologies to comply with safety standards

The AUTOSAR standard is constantly evolving to accommodate state-of-the-art industry requirements. The AUTOSAR methodologies for ensuring functional safety include:

  • Memory partitioning
  • Freedom from interference
  • Safe communication
  • Temporal isolation
  • Schedulability

A final consideration is system consistency. The model-based systems engineering approach is a multi-stage development process of the preliminary system that combines all aspects of the ISO26262 specification – system, hardware, and software development – to satisfy the functional safety goals elicited in the system risk analysis.

Implement Siemens Capital VSTAR for functional safety
Built around AUTOSAR, Capital VSTAR combines best-in-class AUTOSAR-compliant design tools and software to simplify the ECU software generation for a functionally safe system. Deploying the model-based system development approach using a rules-based design process provides the best conditions to ensure that functional design abstractions are synthesized into current by-construction safe systems.

Read the white paper here.

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