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High Throughput GSPS Signal Processing For FPGAs And ASICs Using Synthesizable IP Cores

How to achieve giga samples per second throughput on FPGAs and efficient area/power tradeoffs for ASICs.


This whitepaper illustrates how parallel processing synthesizable cores available in Synphony Model Compiler enable Giga Samples Per Second (GSPS) throughput on FPGAs, and efficient area/power trade-offs for ASIC targets. In particular, we demonstrate how Parallel FFT, FIR, and CIC blocks enable users to scale throughput beyond achievable clock frequencies, and/or reduce power with sub-linear increases in area. The examples show how a vendor-independent, synthesizable IP approach can simultaneously achieve GSPS throughput and deliver excellent results across multiple hardware targets, while retaining an easy-to-use and productive design environment.

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