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How To Boost ATE Power Supply Throughput

How test engineers can increase ATE system throughput to reduce costs.


The test engineer’s job is not an easy one. There is constant pressure to improve system throughput. This white paper will guide you on how to increase throughput to reduce costs. Increased throughput comes from faster programming and command processing times, built-in output sequencing, and arbitrary waveform capabilities. Faster testing speeds will enable more rigorous testing of devices, decreasing false positive and negative rates. This white paper provides insight on three ways to improve automated test equipment (ATE) power supply throughput:

  • Conduct parallel device testing and use ATE power supplies with fast programming and command processing speeds.
  • Sequence outputs with precise built-in control to accelerate system power-up and powerdown testing.
  • Use arbitrary waveforms with fast transient response times to stress test devices under test (DUTs).

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