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Image Processing For Vision AI

Introducing the Simple ISP (Image Signal Processor) — its features, and the software and image quality adjustment procedures.


Recent years have seen an increasing need for Vision AI applications using AI to enable real-time image recognition. Vision AI, which substitutes AI for human visual recognition, requires optimal image processing. Renesas has released RZ/V2M as mid-class, and RZ/V2L as an entry class, Vision AI microprocessors (MPUs). Both products are equipped with DRP-AI which is Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor for AI inference. DRP-AI is an AI accelerator highly rated for its superior power efficiency, providing optimal image processing for Vision AI. RZ/V2M is equipped with a dedicated hardware ISP (Image Signal Processor) which is tuned to match the unique characteristics of the Renesas-selected CMOS sensor. Optimal image quality is realized using easy to use API without requiring CMOS sensor tuning by the end user. With RZ/V2L, DRP-AI can be used for AI inference processing as well as a broad range of image processing, taking advantage of its characteristic DRP flexibility. We illustrate this with a description of Simple ISP function.

(The DRP: Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor is Renesas’ proprietary hardware that executes applications while dynamically switching connections between arithmetic units.)

This white paper introduces Simple ISP, its features, and the software and image quality adjustment procedures provided by Renesas.

Author: Takaaki Suezawa, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Business Division, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation

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