Innovative NoC Implementation Dramatically Speeds Derivative Design

Adding ports for AXI without changing the physical design.


The Inuitive team faced a significant challenge when developing a derivative design based on the NU4000, their first vision-on-chip processor.

The NU4000 employs the Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) on-chip communication bus protocol developed by Arm. However, removing one of the NU4000’s three vector cores resulted in access to only a limited number of AXI ports. The problem was that the new dual ISP required a greater number of AXI ports than were available. The challenge was to determine a way to connect the dual ISP with its larger number of AXI ports to the existing logic with its smaller number of AXI ports without changing the physical design of the existing logic. This was crucial to the success of the new design and time-to-market target since iterating the physical design is one of the most time-consuming phases when developing a silicon chip

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