IP For Centralized ADAS Domain Controllers

Utilizing ISO 26262-certified IP for centralized multi-domain controllers.


A centralized architecture is becoming more popular to integrate the ADAS applications into a centralized ADAS domain controller. A centralized architecture reduces cost, minimizes development of separate software applications and reduces system complexity. As automakers adopt multi-domain controllers with centralized ADAS processors, the required performance and functionality of the ADAS processors increase which requires OEMs, Tier 1 and semiconductor suppliers to develop ADAS SoCs that incorporate the latest interface standards, run multiple vision-based algorithms, and combine image and radar system sensor data.

To implement the advanced protocols required to integrate the complex functionality and meet high-performance operations, next generation of ADAS processors must use leading edge SoC design and process technologies compared to current automotive SoCs. Designers of this new class of ADAS SoCs rely on IP suppliers to help overcome the challenges of implementing the automotive application-specific IP requirements including the ISO 26262 functional safety standard.

This white paper describes the new ADAS SoC architecture which has transitioned from decentralized ECUs to centralized multi-domain controllers and explains the implementation of domain controllers with IP that has been designed per the ISO 26262 functional safety, automotive reliability, and quality standards.

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