Leveraging The Digital Twin In Smart Microelectronics Manufacturing

How to use digital twins in semiconductor manufacturing.


Among the many tenets of smart manufacturing, “digital twin” solutions represent a significant opportunity for microelectronics manufacturers to leverage existing and emerging technologies to improve quality and throughput, and reduce variability and cost.

The microelectronics industry is working vigorously to leverage the big data revolution and tap into smart manufacturing (SM) and Industry 4.0 strategies. These promise to improve integration and analytical capabilities, and enable solutions such as predictive maintenance and optimized scheduling and dispatch. One key SM tenet receiving considerable attention is the so-called “digital twin.” In this article we examine this concept and illustrate how the microelectronics industry is well-positioned for leadership in its technology development and implementation.

Science fiction becomes reality
The term “digital twin” (DT) invokes thoughts of science fiction: Isaac Asimov; films like 2001 A Space Odyssey and I Robot; and even human cloning. So to many, the vision of a DT in manufacturing implies a computer replica of everything in the factory from components and equipment through systems, and maybe even the actions and behaviors of people. While this may indeed be a future reality, it is important to take a step back, understand how we define digital twin in manufacturing, and then assess how we can leverage this concept today and moving forward.

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