Light-Matter Interaction In Van Der Waals Nanophotonic Devices


A technical paper titled “Deeply subwavelength integrated excitonic van der Waals nanophotonics” was published by researchers at University of California Los Angeles, University of Washington Seattle, and Auburn University.


“The wave nature of light sets a fundamental diffraction limit that challenges confinement and control of light in nanoscale structures with dimensions significantly smaller than the wavelength. Here, we study light-matter interaction in van der Waals MoS2 nanophotonic devices. We show that light can be coupled and guided in structures with dimensions as small as λ/16 (∼60 nm at 1000 nm excitation wavelength), while offering unprecedented optical field confinement. This deep subwavelength optical field confinement is achieved by exploiting strong lightwave dispersion in MoS2. We further study the performance of a range of nanophotonic integrated devices via far- and near-field measurements. Our near-field measurements reveal detailed imaging of excitation, evolution, and guidance of fields in nanostructured MoS2, whereas our far-field study examines light excitation and coupling to highly confined integrated photonics. Nanophotonics at a fraction of a wavelength demonstrated here could dramatically reduce the size of integrated photonic devices and opto-electronic circuits with potential applications in optical information science and engineering.”

Find the technical paper here. Published October 2023.

Haonan Ling, Arnab Manna, Jialiang Shen, Ho-Ting Tung, David Sharp, Johannes Fröch, Siyuan Dai, Arka Majumdar, and Artur R. Davoyan, “Deeply subwavelength integrated excitonic van der Waals nanophotonics,” Optica 10, 1345-1352 (2023)

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