Manage Scaling Challenges For Silicon Success

Why new tools for test and monitoring are vital in today’s changing semiconductor landscape


Semiconductor companies are faced with significant challenges related to technology scaling, design scaling, and system scaling. These challenges have a broad impact on design development, manufacturing, and functional operation. This paper discusses the challenges and the specific impact of a Silicon Lifecycle Solutions approach that includes DFT, operations, and Embedded Analytics in enabling companies to deal with the complexity associated with these challenges in a simplified and well-organized, reliable, and predictable manner.

Scaling challenges are business challenges
Semiconductor companies must move faster than ever, constantly work to lower the cost of development and production, respond to changing customer demands, create new business models and out-innovate the competition. In this challenging business environment, complexity is a key challenge. Within semiconductor design, complexity is a result of scaling of technology, designs, and systems. The leading semiconductor companies continually refine and optimize all aspects of chip design and fabrication to manage the challenges of scaling. In recent years, Siemens has transformed itself into a company that is oriented around digital transformation. A digital twin that connects the digital thread from design to manufacturing to in-life includes the Tessent Silicon Lifecycle Solutions (SLS), comprised of the entire line of software, intellectual property (IP), and services for test, operations/yield analysis, and in-life monitoring.

Adopting innovative solutions for IC test and monitoring throughout the lifecycle of the device helps your leverage complexity as a competitive advantage. Each of the Tessent solutions offer massive scaling and cost efficiencies, saving not just time and cost, but boosting market success as companies harness the complexity of today’s changing semiconductor landscape.

This paper describes the scaling challenges that affect the bottom line, explain why traditional approaches can’t keep up, and give an overview of next-level test and monitoring technologies that turn complexity into a competitive advantage.

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