Managing and Securing Open Source Software in the Automotive Industry

How to secure open source software in the auto industry using effective management of open source security and license compliance risk into the software supply chain.


Open source software is a significant contributor to the rapid evolution of modern technologies across every industry, and automotive is no exception.

Black Duck by Synopsys software audits have revealed open source components in 23% of automotive applications. It’s prudent to consider the risks associated with inadequate application security risk management practices and the threat of malicious activity by hackers—not to mention the potential legal and intellectual property risks consequent to open source license noncompliance.

This exclusive report provides insight for automakers, suppliers, and members of the automotive software supply chain. Learn more about:

  • The pervasive presence of open source and its considerable influence on automotive technologies
  • The establishment and evolution of security and development standards for automotive applications
  • Threats to consumer privacy, digital security, and physical safety
  • IP management challenges resulting from a complex open source license ecosystem
  • Best practices for managing open source risk across the automotive supply chain

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