Multiphysics Analysis of Traction Motors: Accelerating Innovation in Electric Mobility Solutions

An example of system-level multiphysics tools for electric vehicle traction motors.


Between 2021 and 2023, electric vehicles (EVs) represent a $7 trillion market opportunity, and it’s only projected to increase. In a rapidly growing EV market, automakers are turning to advanced design, testing, and manufacturing technologies.

Optimized system design requires the evaluation of many different concepts, topologies, and electronic interactions across disciplines. Design and simulation tools offer accurate information to support these evaluations on time.

Download your copy of this white paper to learn:

  • Key technology considerations for developing electric traction motors
  • How Ansys simulation tools address system-level multiphysics complexities to shorten EV design cycles
  • How simulation enables faster time to market and with greater accuracy and predictability

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