New Material for Printing At the Nanoscale, Strong & Light (Stanford/Northwestern)


A new technical paper titled “Mechanical nanolattices printed using nanocluster-based photoresists” was published by researchers at Stanford University and Northwestern University.

The researchers have developed a new material for nanoscale 3D printing to be used for drones, microelectronics and satellites, demonstrating that “the new material is able to absorb twice as much energy than other 3D-printed materials of a comparable density,” stated the Stanford news article. “There’s a lot of interest right now in designing different types of 3D structures for mechanical performance,” says Wendy Gu, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and a corresponding author on the paper. “What we’ve done on top of that is develop a material that is really good at resisting forces, so it’s not just the 3D structure, but also the material that provides very good protection.”

Find the technical paper here. Published November 2022.

17 Nov 2022
Vol 378Issue 6621
pp. 768-773
DOI: 10.1126/science.abo6997



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