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New Product Introduction Process For Heterogeneous 2.5D Devices

What’s the gorilla in the room and how does it affect the push toward stacked die?


For the past few years, the most popular topics in the 2.5D space have been:

  • The design tools
  • Foundry processes for through-silicon vias, temporary bonding and bump architecture
  • The assembly process, such as what is first bonded to what

The industry is at the point where the open variables on these topics are narrowing, and other critical aspects need to get far better attention. The new product introduction (NPI) process for heterogeneous 2.5D devices opens up a lot of possibilities but also creates many complications that need to be considered early in the process.

The focus now needs to shift toward:

  • Fundamental architecture differences
  • Changes in our physical design process
  • Design for test (DFT) strategy changes
  • Testing at both the wafer sort and final test stages
  • Challenges in characterization
  • …and the gorilla in the room, yield management.

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