Next-Generation RTL Floorplanning

Why it’s necessary to pull placement ahead of synthesis using a higher level of abstraction.


Mentor’s physical RTL synthesis tools, including RealTime Designer and next-generation products, have the unique technology to pull placement ahead of synthesis and address the need for RTL floorplanning. Mentor’s physical RTL synthesis tools offer higher capacity, faster runtimes, optimal QoR, and physical awareness during RTL synthesis by optimizing at a higher level of abstraction and using integrated floorplanning and placement capabilities. Mentor’s physical RTL synthesis tools provide better QoR by enabling physical accuracy, floorplanning, and fast optimization iterations to get to design closure on time.

This paper discusses the challenges of RTL floorplanning and how the Mentor physical RTL synthesis tools automatically generates RTL-level floorplans and provides early analysis capability to reduce iterations and reduce the design turnaround time. To read more, click here.

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