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Optimizing Enterprise-Class SSD Host Controller Design With Arteris FlexNoC Network-On-Chip Interconnect IP

Enterprise SSD endurance and data reliability require unique interconnect features in host controller SoCs.


Solid state storage is rapidly supplanting rotary storage in data center computing, driven by the competing needs for lower power consumption, lower latency and higher bandwidth. But the inherent unreliability of flash cells mandates the use of sophisticated host controllers to guarantee data reliability and endurance for enterprise solid state disks (SSD). Leading enterprise SSD companies have tackled these challenges by implementing advanced data protection technology within their host controller interconnects.

This 11-page technical paper describes how these design teams:

  • Simultaneously address competing bandwidth and ultra-low latency requirements for optimal quality-of-service (QoS)
  • Manage SoC-wide power consumption at fine- and course-grained levels to reduce thermal output
  • Optimize on-chip data protection through integrated reliability technologies like error-correcting code (ECC) protection, packet validity checking, transaction timeout, control register parity checking and unit duplication and comparison

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