Photonics: GaSb/SiN Tunable Hybrid Integrated Laser


A new technical paper titled “Widely tunable 2 µm hybrid laser using GaSb semiconductor optical amplifiers and a Si3N4 photonics integrated reflector” was published by researchers at Tampere University in Finland.


“Tunable lasers emitting in the 2–3 µm wavelength range that are compatible with photonic integration platforms are of great interest for sensing applications. To this end, combining GaSb-based semiconductor gain chips with Si3N4 photonic integrated circuits offers an attractive platform. Herein, we utilize the low-loss features of Si3N4 waveguides and demonstrate a hybrid laser comprising a GaSb gain chip with an integrated tunable Si3N4 Vernier mirror. At room temperature, the laser exhibited a maximum output power of 15 mW and a tuning range of ∼90 nm (1937–2026 nm). The low-loss performance of several fundamental Si3N4 building blocks for photonic integrated circuits is also validated. More specifically, the single-mode waveguide exhibits a transmission loss as low as 0.15 dB/cm, the 90° bend has 0.008 dB loss, and the 50/50 Y-branch has an insertion loss of 0.075 dB.”

Find the technical paper here. Published 2023.

Zia, Nouman, Samu-Pekka Ojanen, Jukka Viheriala, Eero Koivusalo, Joonas Hilska, Heidi Tuorila, and Mircea Guina. “Widely tunable 2 µm hybrid laser using GaSb semiconductor optical amplifiers and a Si 3 N 4 photonics integrated reflector.” Optics Letters 48, no. 5 (2023): 1319-1322.

Source: Tampere University:  (a) Detailed schematic of the widely tunable laser design, showing the RSOA gain chip and Si3N4 Vernier mirror together with important PIC building blocks and (b) 3D illustration of the hybrid laser.

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