Probe Expertise For Cryogenic Devices

High performance image sensors and quantum computing are driving the need for test and measurement tools that can operate in extreme low temperatures.


The promise of quantum computing to solve complex problems far beyond today’s supercomputer capabilities, plus the emergence of high performance image sensors for security, military, and health care use, and other emerging applications are driving the need for test and measurement tools that can operate in extreme low temperatures (below about -150°C down to a few degrees above absolute zero).

Zero-resistance superconductors and Josephson junction logic for computing applications operating at these low temperatures can show extraordinary gains in speed and improved power efficiency over traditional CMOS technologies. This important benefit addresses the ever-increasing demand for computing power and data storage evidenced by a growing number of server farms and their appetite for electrical power. New cryogenically cooled imaging technologies improve public health and safety, and expand our scientific understanding of the universe.

FormFactor features an array of analytical probes ideally suited for the spectrum of cryogenic applications. These include our DCP-HTR probes for DC applications, a range of RF probes including |Z| Probes and Multi |Z| probes for high-speed digital and RF/mmW up to 67GHz, ACP probes for RF/mmW up to 140 GHz, and T-Wave probes for up to 1.1 THz. We also offer fiber/array probe arms and holders for optical/photonic device characterization.

Extreme environments demand probe expertise. On-wafer test is ultimately about the measurements, where FormFactor’s reputation as an analytical probing leader extends even to extreme cold conditions. These products make it possible for test instruments to deliver precise stimuli to test devices and collect accurate data across a comprehensive range of application requirements. Learn more about our system and probe solutions for cryogenic probing.

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