Quantum: Loophole-​Free Bell Test with Superconducting Circuits (ETH Zurich)


A new technical paper titled “Loophole-free Bell inequality violation with superconducting circuits” was published by a group of researchers led by ETH Zurich.

Abstract (partial)

“Here we demonstrate a loophole-free violation of Bell’s inequality with superconducting circuits, which are a prime contender for realizing quantum computing technology. To evaluate a Clauser–Horne–Shimony–Holt-type Bell inequality, we deterministically entangle a pair of qubits and perform fast and high-fidelity measurements along randomly chosen bases on the qubits connected through a cryogenic link spanning a distance of 30 metres. Evaluating more than 1 million experimental trials, we find an average S value of 2.0747 ± 0.0033, violating Bell’s inequality with a P value smaller than 10−108. Our work demonstrates that non-locality is a viable new resource in quantum information technology realized with superconducting circuits with potential applications in quantum communication, quantum computing and fundamental physics.”

Find the technical paper here. Published May 2023.  ETH Zurich’s news summary can be found here.

Storz, S., Schär, J., Kulikov, A. et al. Loophole-free Bell inequality violation with superconducting circuits. Nature 617, 265–270 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-023-05885-0.

Open Access.

(Photograph: ETH Zurich / Daniel Winkler)

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