SCV (select, cross, and variation): Data Encryption


A new technical paper “RSCV: Reversible Select, cross and variation architecture in quantum-dot cellular automata.”


“In the past few years, CMOS semiconductor has been a growing and evolving technology in VLSI. However, due to the scaling issue and some other constraints like heat generation, high power consumption QCA (quantum cellular automata) emerged as an alternate and enhanced solution that provides a new technique of computing than CMOS in recent years. QCA is highly effective in implementing both Irreversible and Reversible logic, which has been shown to be incredibly efficient in terms of power consumption. A novel technique to data encryption called as SCV (select, cross, and variation) is demonstrated in this paper, which is based on ASCII to binary conversion and uses reversible logic. The data security procedure is aided by implementing SCV logic in reversible logic. Using Fredkin gate, it is built in QCA. QCADesigner tool has been used here for design and verification purposes. Total 80 cell counts and 0.14 μm2 area are required. The theoretical data and the simulation results are the same as the intended circuit. Comparison to previous QCA architectural features is featured.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Publish 04/2022.

Kundu, A., Chandra Das, J., De, D.: RSCV: Reversible select, cross and variation architecture in quantum-dot cellular automata. IET Quant. Comm. 1– 11 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1049/qtc2.12040

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