Secure NFC-Based Wireless Battery Management System


A new technical paper titled “Wireless BMS Architecture for Secure Readout in Vehicle and Second life Applications” was published by researchers at TU Graz and NXP.


“Battery management systems (BMS) are becoming increasingly important in the modern age, where clean energy awareness is getting more prominent. They are responsible for controlling large battery packs in modern electric vehicles. However, conventional solutions rely only on a wired design, which adds manufacturing cost and complexity. Recent research has considered wireless solutions for the BMS. However, it is still challenging to develop a solution that considers both the active in-vehicle and the external second-life applications. The battery passport initiative aims to keep track of the batteries, both during active and inactive use cases. There is a need to provide a secure design while considering energy and cost-efficient solutions. We aim to fill this gap by proposing a wireless solution based on near-field communication (NFC) that extends previous work and provides a unified architecture for both use cases. To provide protection against common wireless threats, an advanced security analysis is performed, as well as a system design analysis for the wake-up process that reduces the daily power consumption of the stored battery packs from milli- to microwatts.”

Find the technical paper here. Published November 2023.

Basic, Fikret, Claudia Rosina Laube, Patrick Stratznig, Christian Steger, and Robert Kofler. “Wireless BMS Architecture for Secure Readout in Vehicle and Second life Applications.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2311.12226 (2023).

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