Securing Chip Data More Critical Than Ever

With security breaches seemingly everywhere, chipmakers must stay on top of protecting chip data from their end of the ecosystem.


Everywhere you turn in the mainstream media, it is easy to find stories of security breaches – from Target not adequately protecting customer data to cars allegedly being hacked to hackers themselves showing how easy it is to do what they do. As technology increases in complexity, so do the hackers themselves. This is a problem.

As such, chipmakers are increasingly becoming aware of vulnerabilities and subsequently turning to companies like Rambus, with its CryptoFirewall security cores and Jasper Design Automation, which has security path verification technology as well as, of course, Intel that has touted the security features in many of its offerings for decades along with a host of other technology providers just in the chip space.

This blog will explore the research underway in academia and technology being developed as the entire ecosystem seeks to come to grips with, and seeks the best ways to protect, precious data at the integrated circuit level.

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