Small-Footprint Engineered Scattering Elements For Polarization Monitoring Of Photonic ICs


A technical paper titled “Engineered scattering elements used as optical test points in photonic integrated circuits” was published by researchers at University of Rochester.


“Efficient packaging of fabricated photonic integrated circuits (PICs) has been a daunting task given the breadth of applications and skill required for scalable manufacturing. One particular challenge has been accurately assessing the polarization state at various points in a PIC during the test, assembly, and packaging process. Polarimetric monitoring is necessary for optimizing fiber alignment, for verifying the quality of PIC components and for polarization-related functional testing. We analyze and demonstrate small-footprint engineered scattering elements for polarization monitoring. We find that small scatterers placed above or below a Si or SiN waveguide provide the best polarization integrity in a way that preserves foundry compatibility. The polarization response of these elements along with proper placement provides an optical test point that can be utilized for optimized fiber coupling into waveguides.”

Find the technical paper here. Published November 2023.

Tyler V. Howard, Icel Sukovaty, Thomas G. Brown, “Engineered scattering elements used as optical test points in photonic integrated circuits,” J. Optical Microsystems 4(1) 011002 (23 November 2023) https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JOM.4.1.011002

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