Supply Chain Security And Counterfeit Detection Using UCT

A new approach for detecting counterfeit chips and securing the supply chain.


The recent shortage of chip supply and long lead times prompted system makers to turn to second tier suppliers and distributors for fulfilling their semiconductor needs. This in turn has put the spotlight on the growing concern of fraudulent or counterfeited integrated circuits (ICs).

Proteus deep data analytics based on Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) provides a new approach to supply chain security and counterfeit detection. By generating and collecting a large set of parametric measurements from each chip, uploading them to a machine learning enabled, cloud-based analytics platform, and creating a unique IC signature – a comprehensive and secured method is achieved for continuous and intrinsic tracking of ICs through the supply chain.

This white paper outlines a novel solution for end-to-end supply chain security and counterfeit detection and prevention, based on Universal Chip Telemetry, to allow for device authentication, validation, and supply chain integrity.

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